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Moving tips

Parking: try to reserve a parking space close to the entry of your residence, large enough for a moving truck (approximately 40 feet). For residential moves in the Montreal area, you may ask your burrough for a city parking permit.

Elevator: if an elevator is available in your building, ask the administration to reserve to you an exclusive access for the duration of your moving.

Disassembling: dismount the fragile pieces of furniture or those which are not designed to be moved in one part. Example: legs of the dining-room table, bases of beds, mirrors attached to dressers, modular computer desk, cribs (they are generally too large for standard doors).

IKEA style giant closets will also have to be dismounted. Indeed, any “self-assembly” furniture whose solidity is doubtful should ideally be dismounted

Remove the shelves which are not fixed in a permanent way inside your pieces of furniture. Also remove the loose supports of those shelves which tend to disappear during a moving.

Appliances: prepare the appliances, especially the dishwasher and the washing-machine which pipes must be disconnected. Ideally, drums of frontal type washing machines must be stabilized with the bushings provided when you bought them.

Drawers: Use common sense to decide if you leave the drawers filled. You can leave the clothing if your dresser is not a massive one, but it is always preferable to remove loose and fragile items like bottles of perfume, jewelry or papers. And it is useless to tape the drawers to block them because our movers will cover the dresser anyway.

Dangerous products: avoid packing dangerous or explosive goods such as contents under pressure, oil, paint, matches etc. Remove the propane tank from the BBQ and drain gasoline from the lawnmower. For more details, see the list of prohibited goods.

Packing tips

Constantineau Moving offers an expert service of packing. We have the material and the expertise to pack any object of your house, from the most banal to the most fragile.

The first tip we give is to ask for an estimate for this service. You could be pleasantly surprised of its low cost. However, if you decide to do the packing yourself, here are some tips:


Note: the material described in this section is available at a very reasonable price at our company.


Boxes and paper: use standard moving boxes, and non printed newspaper to avoid staining your goods. Use for example 2 cubic boxes for heavy items (books, cans and tools) and 4 cubic boxes for lighter items (dishes, bedding, clothes and linen).


Labelling: indicate the content of your boxes with a big marker. Indicate the destination room on top and on 1 or 2 sides of the boxes. Use symbol like K for kitchen, MBR for master bedroom, LR for living-room and so on.

Clothing: for your clothes on hangers, please note that we can give you 5 wardrobe containers for the duration of your moving.

Mirrors and paintings: we can give you 3 telescopic mirror containers for the duration of your moving.

Mattress: we have mattress bags of all sizes. Remember to order yours for the day of your moving.